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You need to shout for Eva Carneiro and every silenced sports woman – Telegraph

Vekic, also a tennis player, possibly out of dignity, anger, upset – or because all the attention has fallen on ‘bad boy’ Krygios (who has at least apologised and been fined £4,700).


Ouch. And yet, despite being thrown into the spotlight and publicly humiliated by powerful sporting men, neither woman has really been heard from. Carneiro posted a brief message on Facebook and Vekic retweeted her boyfriend’s messages criticising Krygios.


Second up, was Donna Vekic, the 19-year-old Croation girlfriend of tennis player Stan Wawrinka. An on-court war of words between Wawrinka and Australian Nick Krygios led to the latter claiming that Vekic had slept with fellow Aussie player Thanasi Kokkinakis.


Mourinho might have hoped the issue would die down by now. But passions are running high and the Chelsea manager has been widely criticised – by Fifa, the FSEM (Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine) and Arsenal manager Wenger – after essentially axing Carneiro for doing her job.


Kicking things off was Dr Eva Carneiro, the Chelsea FC first-team doctor. Carneiro was demoted from her front bench position after manager Jose Mourinho’s furious pitch-side rant when she ran on to treat player Eden Hazard, during the team’s 2-2 draw with Swansea City.



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