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  1. Anne Timmons Phillips

    I was fortunate enough to watch the above CNN Documentary while I was attending the IAAF World Track and Field Championships in Moscow this last summer. I have tried to get a copy from both CNN and Amazon, with no luck. Please help me in getting it!

    I serve on the Women’s Committee for the IAAF, which is the international governing body for track and field. I am also vice chair for women’s track and field for USATF. The Women’s Committee and our Area Group (NACAC-N. America, Central America & the Caribbean) will both soon be conducting symposiums regarding issues covered in “An Uneven Playing Field.”

    This would truly enhance our efforts for awareness and parity. Athletes are just a segment in playing field—we have coaches, administers and officials who are also part of the uneven mix.

    Again—please help!

    Kindest regards,

    Anne Timmons Phillips

    • elsboat@googlemail.com

      Hi Anne,

      Thanks for your message and sorry for the late reply. I believe your best bet is to contact CNN directly.